SMA Service for 33.75 MW PV applications at Glebe & Odell Farms, Bedfordshire

SMA Service for 33.75 MW PV applications

Glebe & Odell Farms, Bedfordshire

The O&M contract includes continuous remote monitoring, regular maintenance, repairs and module cleaning. This is a tailored package offered to suit bejulo’s individual needs.

The Solar Farm consists of two sections and was commissioned during a particularly busy period for SMA Solar UK at the beginning of 2015, when there was pressure to meet the UK’s March ROC (Renewable Obligation Certificate) deadline.

March 2015

Nominal power
33,75 MWp

Annual yield
32.200 MWh

SMA Service
Operations and Maintenance

System Technology
28 SMA Sunny Central 900CP-XT
1 SMA Sunny Central 800CP-XT
SMA Monitoring System
110.640 modules (Canadian Solar)

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