SMA System Solutions for hybrid applications - Dubai, UAE

Desalination Unit, Dubai, 100 KW

Hybrid energy supply – United Arab Emirates, 2016

The desalination plant is located at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park in Dubai. The project aims to extract saltwater and desalinate it by using reverse osmosis technology to produce 50 cubic meters of drinking water. All electricity used to pump and desalinate water at the station is produced via a hybrid electricity source that combines PV cells and batteries. The plant is powered by a photovoltaic array.

The change of the system from a complete off-grid to a system with grid- connection as back-up was no problem, thanks to the SMA Multicluster system. The system can also export excess energy to the grid because of the integrated SMA grid box.

Desalination Unit - Dubai, UAE

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