Advance with SMA Engineering Services - Individual planning for lifetime success of power plants

SMA Engineering Services: we analyze your potential

Over the lifespan of your power plant solid support in decision-making is crucial to improve technical availability as well as lower the operational costs of the facility. SMA Engineering Services puts the focus on your needs as a plant owner, operator, investor or developer.

SMA offers professional Engineering Services support to maintain, optimize, fix and modernize the performance of your investment.

Benefit from

Maximized profits - SMA Engineering Services

Maximized profits

One-stop shop for engineering, hardware and service - SMA Engineering Services

One-stop shop for engineering, hardware and service

Reduced LCOE - SMA Engineering Services

Reduced LCOE

Higher investment security - SMA Engineering Services

Higher investment security

With SMA, you receive service throughout the entire PV and storage system life cycle, from engineering to hardware and operations and maintenance - all from one source.

  • Conceptual plant and Communication and control network design
  • Grid modelling services
  • Battery storage designs

Grid Modelling

Grid Modelling

We offer:

  • Grid interconnection studies & evaluation
  • Expert grid modelling
  • Support with TSO/DSO relationship for grid integration

Benefit from:

  • Ideal dimensioning of inverters
  • Cost optimization by comparing different scenarios
  • Predictable impact on energy yield
  • Optimal integration for renewable power
  • Power plant system behavior prediction
  • Optimization of plant parameters incl. control settings
  • Simulation of different grid scenarios and their impacts

Premium support in storage integration - SMA Solar Technology AG

Inverter & battery sizing

SMA Engineering Services supports you in designing your storage system and in finding the right battery capacity for the project. Benefit from our extensive experience for designing your storage system with any type of architecture:

  • PV + storage (AC/ DC coupled)
  • On-grid storage projects
  • Microgrid projects

We will be happy to advise you on your PV projects.

We will be happy to advise you
on your PV projects.