SMA SafeSolar

Don’t trust fairy tales. Trust the facts.

We all love a good story, but when it comes to PV safety, we stick to the truth at SMA. Let’s banish false and misleading information. The facts are these: PV systems pose less of a risk of fire than your refrigerator or tumble dryer. There was never any significant safety issue to begin with – but even so, SMA has been improving standards for the last 40 years. Consequently, SMA has developed lean PV systems with intelligent software functions.

With SMA, you only install the devices you need for a reliable and safe energy supply.

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The SMA SafeSolar approach

We have been developing integrated PV system solutions for 40 years. We embed innovative safety software functions right in our inverters so you can keep your PV systems lean and less vulnerable to faults.

How you benefit from our holistic SMA SafeSolar approach:

  • Lean PV systems with high-quality devices
  • Intelligent and innovative software features
  • Extensive testing and quality inspections
  • 40 years of global experience PV technology development
  • Hands-on training for first-time PV owners and professionals

Lean systems: Less is more

Lean system design plays a key role in PV system safety.

With SMA string inverters, you don't need any extra hardware such as optimizers with rapid shutdown functionality - also known as Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE) devices. This means no unnecessary cabling and a less chance of PV system failures.

SMA's lean system design saves you time and energy as early as in the planning phase. It eliminates the need to install, maintain and replace roof-mounted MLPE devices, which significantly reduces the risk of accidents.

SMA SafeSolar advantage: PV systems with MLPE devices require 3 times as many DC connectors as those that use SME string technology. More connectors mean a higher risk for dangerous electric arcs and fires.

Intelligent and innovative software features improve safety

Smart technologies like the SMA ArcFix or the SMA Smart Connected service and monitoring feature further enhance the PV system safety.

SMA ArcFix detects possible electric arcs and interrupts the electric circuit before a fire can develop. We will be outfitting all our string inverters worldwide with our SMA ArcFix solution in the future.

SMA Smart Connected reports faults directly to you and supplies corresponding fault analyses via e-mail. That gives you the right information to provide prompt, highly focused customer service for faulty devices.

All relevant safety components are integrated right into the SMA inverter.

Intelligent software features

Extensive testing and international partnerships

SMA products undergo extensive testing and quality checks in certified test labs starting early in the development stage. This allows us to guarantee the high quality of our products and solutions and comply with all international standards.

SMA actively participates in international committees and organizations such as NFPA, UL, IEC, EN, AS, IEEE, SunSpec Alliance, etc.

Testing and partnerships

SMA ArcFix

Effectively stop electric arcs

SMA has taken Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) technology to a new level with SMA ArcFix. The arc fault protection feature effectively detects electric arcs and interrupts the electric circuit before a fire can develop. The system automatically restarts if a false alarm occurs.

The future integration of SMA ArcFix into PV inverters will offer several benefits: You will not need to install additional arc fault protection devices, which saves you time and money, and it also ensures full system compatibility.

SMA ArcFix - Effectively stop electric arcs

SMA Solar Academy

Transferring knowledge for more safety

We have been driving the global energy transition forward together with you based on our 40 years of worldwide experience developing PV technology.

As an installer with specialized knowledge, you play a pivotal role in the shift to a sustainable energy future - from professional customer consulting to on-site construction of the PV system. Our high-quality products with intelligent software help you design and install lean PV systems.

In addition, SMA Solar Academy provides a wealth of hands-on training and professional development programs that help you install and commission PV systems as safely as possible.

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