SMA Repowering

Getting more performance from your power plant

Increase the performance of your power plant with customized repowering measures.

  • Increase power plant efficiency
  • Benefit from tailored solutions
  • Reduce operating costs

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SMA Repowering

Modernize PV power plants

Modern technology for existing power plants

As your power plant ages, the likelihood of material fatigue increases. Spare parts and services are not always readily available. Power plant downtimes and operating costs increase significantly.

Tailored SMA repowering solutions replace malfunctioning and fault-prone components. With modern inverters, customer-centric services and intelligent software, we make your power plant future-proof and increase efficiency. This allows you to exploit the full potential of your PV or storage power plant.

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Repowering guide

Our guide highlights modernization solutions for your power plant clearly and simply.

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Benefit from SMA Repowering

Increase yields

As your power plant ages, its performance decreases. Especially when components suddenly fail and your power plant comes to a standstill. Even worse, spare parts are no longer available or are difficult to obtain. This can have a significant impact on profitability.

Therefore, proactively modernizing your power plant can prevent costly and lengthy plant downtimes. SMA offers you tailored modernization solutions for your power plant.

Rendite erhöhen mit SMA Repowering
Garantie erneuern mit SMA Repowering

Renew warranty

If the component manufacturer’s factory warranty has already expired, service calls can quickly become costly. Replacing inefficient and failure-prone components with high-quality equipment pays off.

With modern SMA inverters, you benefit from state-of-the-art technology and the advantages of the SMA Factory Warranty. With an additional extended warranty, you can even enjoy more than five years of comprehensive service.

Increase efficiency

Is your inverter manufacturer no longer available on the market? If so, it can quickly become difficult to obtain the necessary spare parts or professional repairs when servicing is required. The output of your power plant is reduced and, in the worst case, plant downtime is imminent.

With our tailored solutions, we can renew your existing power plant with modern SMA inverters, independently of the manufacturer. As a result, you benefit from the latest technology and from significantly higher efficiency.

Effizienz steigern mit SMA Repowering für Kraftwerke

Reduce O&M costs

Keeping a PV power plant in the optimal operating mode at all times requires an in-depth understanding of the system. By modernizing the outdated inverters, you reduce your maintenance and repair expenses, efficiently reduce the downtime of your power plant and lower your operating costs.

With our tailored operations & maintenance services, you can even reduce your O&M expenditure further. In this way, you benefit from our comprehensive service over the entire lifetime of your power plant. After all, our goal is to maximize the profitability of your power plant.

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Our guide shows how you can benefit from modernizing your power plant.

Repowering guide

Our guide shows how you can benefit from modernizing your power plant.