Hybrid Energy Supply - Rural electrification of Kosia & Kokabo in Benin

Hybrid Energy Supply – Benin

Rural electrification of Kosia & Kokabo

The projects in Kosia and Kokabo provide electricity to 75 households in each village and feed the common infrastructure: schools, clinics, maternities and night distribution of drinking water, as well as small workshops, profit from the PV installation which is backed up by diesel gensets.

The Sunny Boy inverters and the Sunny Island battery inverters are part of the RURAL ABIC system (Autonomous Backup Integrated Compact – Power Plant), manufactured by Spanish company IDNA.

Kosia (Sinendé) & Kokabo (Bembereké) villages, Borgou, Benin

October, 2015

Nominal power
Installed PV power: 2 * 36 kWp
Annual energy yield: 2 * 55,000 kWh
Diesel generator rating: 2 * 25 kVA

System Technology
2 * 6 SMA Sunny Boy 5000
2 * 3 SMA Sunny Island 8.0
SMA Sunny Webbox, Sunny Sensorbox, Meterconnection Box
2 * 147 REC245 modules

2 * 95 tons / year

Planning and Realisation
Investigación y Desarrollo Nuevas Alternativas (www.idna.es)

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