SMA Power Limiter


As a multifunction interface for SB3.0-6.0-1AV-41 and STP3.0-10.0-3AV-40, the SMA Power Limiter reliably implements grid management services for up to three inverters. Preconfigured modes allow feed-in power to be reduced gradually in accordance with the Renewable Energy Sources Act EEG2012/2017 and enable Fast-Stop in line with EN 50549-1. This means that domestic PV systems are ideally suited to all stipulated requirements for limiting active power.

Custom grid operator requirements regarding curtailment time can easily be adjusted via the inverter’s configuration interface.

With its flexible mounting layout and supplied RS485 connector cable, integrating the SMA Power Limiter into new and existing systems is quick and easy.


  • Compatible with latest-generation SMA Sunny Boy and Sunny Tripower inverters
  • For new and existing PV systems with up to three inverters
  • Custom curtailment times pursuant to electric utility company specifications

Easy to use

  • Plug-and-play solution for DIN rail or wall mounting
  • Connection to inverter using system cable supplied
  • Preconfigured curtailment levels 100%/60%/30%/0%
  • Separate power supply not required

System diagram

System diagram - SMA Power Limiter
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