User Reports - PV System Smart - Matthias Röschinger

The goal

No longer subject to high electricity costs: Generate your own electricity and consume as much of it as possible

Certainly the comparatively cold and snowy 2010/2011 winter in Middle Franconia provided the impetus to think about the amount of energy that is needed in the home, where it comes from, and what it costs.

“Due to the high cost of electricity, in 2011 we started to concern ourselves with the subject of photovoltaics. We didn’t want to continue in this way and thus we challenged and fundamentally changed the ‘traditional’ energy supply.”

Solar power with family Röschinger

Three generations under one roof: Matthias (r.) with Daniela, son Luca, and his parents.

Smart Home with solar energy from SMA

Clean power: Daniela and Luca in teamwork for the nearly daily load of wash.


Well planned is half done

For assistance in planning their system, Matthias and Dani chose the design program Sunny Design from SMA. In this way they knew in an instant what system size would be best for them.

“We determined relatively quickly that a 4 to 5 kWp system probably would provide us with the most benefit given our electricity consumption of 6,500 kWh per year,” said Matthias. Not long after the system had been installed, it was clear to the small family that a storage solution would be an even better solution for them: The system was therefore extended to include a storage system. “The time required for the installation of the Sunny Island 6.0H was approximately three hours. And the connection to the Sunny Portal was finished in five minutes,” remembered Matthias.

Setup used

The variable Storage Solution of Matthias and Dani:

  • Sunny Home Manager 2.0

    As the system control center, it offers all the functions necessary for monitoring and energy management.

  • SMA Energy Meter

    This distinctive measuring device provides relevant data for optimal energy management.

  • Sunny Remote Control

    Remote control for Sunny Island battery inverters.

  • SMA radio-controlled sockets

    Makes it possible to activate household appliances remotely.

  • Sunny Island 6.0H

    Battery inverter responsible for optimal charge and discharge of batteries.

  • Sunny Boy TL-21

    The PV inverter that converts the direct current generated in the PV modules into grid-compliant alternating current.

  • Batteries

    Surplus energy not being used in the household is stored in batteries.

  • Modules

    Current is generated in the PV modules from where it then flows to the PV inverter for conversion into AC power.

  • Sunny Portal/Sunny Places

    As the window to the Smart Home, web portals are the perfect solution for analyzing measured values, visualizing yields or comparing PV systems.


Less power from the grid, more savings

A few months after the installation, the bottom line was clear: The savings in electricity not purchased from the grid provider – and thus the equivalent in euros – were quite impressive, as Dani explained:

Through the purchase of the photovoltaic and storage system, we now only consume electricity from the grid in the amount of about 2500 kWh/year, saving us approximately 3500 kWh. Given our electricity price of 25 cents, that is approximately €875 per year. We are totally satisfied, because in everyday life the radio-controlled sockets and storage system help us to significantly increase consumption of the power we produce ourselves. In addition, we are now in a position to identify energy guzzlers, such as our old vented tumble dryer with its very high electricity consumption. We quickly replaced it with a new heat pump dryer that uses 60% less power than the old one.

Impressive energy savings

Impressive savings: The new dryer uses less than one-third of the power of the old one.

Sunny Places & Sunny Portal

Performance at a glance

Daniela and Matthias get the access they need to their Smart Home with the two SMA online portals, Sunny Places and Sunny Portal: With Sunny Places they can view all system values, communicate with other system owners, and compare system performance. With Sunny Portal, Matthias can professionally monitor, manage, and showcase his PV system: Thanks to the world’s largest online portal for solar power systems, the pair from Middle Franconia can analyze measurements and visualize yields anytime and anywhere. Both portals are of course also available on mobile devices.

Solar power online control with Sunny Portal

A handle on generation, consumption, and feed-in at all times: Daniela takes a look at the current system status from time to time.