SMA solutions save up to 80% on electricity cost

A PV system makes it possible for you to generate your own solar power. SMA products and solutions make it possible to easily use this electricity to power your home: for electric appliances, heaters, heat pump, lighting or charging your electric car. With a storage system, you can benefit from solar power even when the sun isn’t shining.

SMA solutions for your own solar power

Power+ Solution

With SMA solutions, save up to 80% on electricity costs

The SMA Power+ Solution combines legendary SMA inverter performance, clever Smart Module Technology and 100% comfort through SMA Smart Connected.

  • Use self-generated electricity effectively and optimize self-consumption
  • Monitore consumption habits and uncover your energy savings potential

Energy+ Solution

With SMA solutions, save up to 80% on electricity costs

The SMA Energy+ Solution ensures the most efficient use of green energy in the home — plus a storage system for increased self-consumption and lower energy costs.

  • Use self-generated solar power at any time
  • Be independent from your power company
  • Cover electricity demands with self-generated solar power all year round

SMA solutions
for self-sufficient supply

Maximum independence without a connection to the utility grid: An off-grid system with SMA components completely covers electricity demands with its solar energy.

  • Combination of different energy sources
  • PV systems modularly expandable at any time
  • SMA support from planning to commissioning

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