Sustainability management areas of action
Area of action: Product stewardship

Sustainability management areas of action: Product stewardship

Increasing the quality and lifetime, minimizing the environmental impact

For us, product stewardship means taking responsibility for the impact of our products throughout the product life cycle, from their development to the end of their lifetime. Our aim is to meet our customers’ highest quality requirements and provide them with products with a long lifetime. The certification of our production sites in accordance with ISO 9001 is therefore a matter of course for us.

Sustainable product life cycle

It is important to us to know what effects our products have on the environment so that we can derive measures on this basis and improve product sustainability. Life cycle assessments for representative product categories help us identify the factors that influence the sustainable product life cycle.

High quality and long lifetime

Continuous reduction of wearing parts and efficient maintenance routines make a positive contribution to SMA inverters’ lifetime. We qualify components that are critical to the product’s lifetime separately before their use.

In addition, we conduct extensive functional and endurance tests during the development phase. Before series production, SMA devices undergo field tests in our own and in selected customer installations. One important key figure for the quality of our products is their field failure rate. This key quality figure refers to the number of failures in the field after the products are approved.

For each SMA product, ambitious and specific product lifetime and field failure rate targets are defined and assessed each year. We have set ourselves the ambitious goal of reducing the field failure rate of our products to 1.0% by 2025 (monthly rolling key figure; ratio of field failures over the past two years to the number of units shipped over the past two years).

Sustainable product life cycle - SMA Solar

Product development & innovation

We continuously use our high capacity for innovation to enhance existing products, systems and solutions and develop new ones in the areas of decentralized power generation with renewable energy, energy storage, intelligent energy management, power-to-gas and e-mobility.

Creating added value for our customers

To offer our customers technically mature and economic system solutions in all market segments and regions, we selectively collaborate with strong partners. With our innovation activities and investments, we actively shape technological, social and economic trends for an energy supply based on renewable energy sources. Our innovation activities and investments focus on creating added value for customers and directly relate to current megatrends such as decentralization, decarbonization, digitalization and future transportation.

To take account of the effects of SMA’s products on the environment as early as during the development stage, we have added sustainability aspects to the product development process. Our guidelines for sustainable product design have laid down key design criteria that have a positive impact on the sustainability performance of our products.

Product development & innovation - SMA Solar