Interface between the worlds

“Actually, I’m like a spider. But a friendly spider.” With a twinkle in her eye, Stefanie laughs as she says this about her job at SMA. A job that is mostly about networking. Stefanie is SMA’s Master Data Professional and carries out valuable interface work for digitization.

With the introduction of a new CRM system, she is supporting a major change at SMA. One that will make working different. More digital. The central access point for all customer data needs to be maintained and optimally connected. Stefanie, alongside others, oversees the design of the interfaces and thus connects different worlds, the commercial world of the SAP system with the sales and service world of the new CRM system. Data exchange. Process management. Networking. Stefanie pulls the strings. And loves working internationally across every time zone.

Data is the basis of the digital transformation and many other new applications of the future. For example, our online portals allow our customers to retrieve their energy data at any time and effectively manage household and commercial consumption. This works with the right data management. Thanks to Stefanie and her inspiring ideas.

Be the change. Welcome to SMA.