An edge in knowledge to help drive change

People build relationships in particularly special moments. In moments when trust and getting a head start with information come from networking and sharing knowledge. At least this is what Sandra does — and pretty successfully. Sandra is the face of the SMA Partner Program. This is a program that turns solar power professionals into partners, on an equal footing, and thus shines the spotlight on those who know exactly how the market ticks, as well as on what we need to do to keep up with the changes in the photovoltaic market.

Sandra has been in the networking business for a long time. In mid-2006, she welcomed the first solar power professional into the Partner Program she created and, in turn, became a great source of support to sales. While SMA sells to wholesalers, the work Sandra and her department do eliminates a step by taking care of those closer to the market.

She incorporates them into innovation workshops and into process and product development. She thereby makes a valuable contribution to gathering information to help implement change.

Sandra networks knowledge. Interdisciplinary work without blinkers. This is exactly what is possible at SMA. And while the solar power professionals give valuable input, Sandra and her team support them with creative marketing services, VIP service benefits, exclusive training courses and new customer acquisition. It is a clear win-win situation to help drive change — and Sandra is a valuable part of it.

Be the change. Welcome to SMA.