The first smile that welcomes you in the morning

SMA is like one big family for Saleh. And if you look at him as he’s saying this, you’ll immediately believe him. Saleh is from Egypt. It is a country full of warmth, respect and zest for life. And that’s exactly what Saleh feels every day at SMA’s reception desk.

Saleh doesn’t have to be told what needs to be done. He just does it. Whenever he sees that something can be done better, he reflects on how to achieve it. From central management of all office supplies to single-handedly creating and installing signs on doors, Saleh identifies optimization potential and implements his ideas. However, his greatest contribution to change is himself. Saleh can brighten the mood of SMA employees and visitors with his unique character and warmth. Anyone who has gotten up on the wrong side of the bed will have their day brightened after being welcomed by Saleh at reception.

His last name “Said” translated from Arabic means “happy”. And that’s Saleh. He feels completely at home at SMA and passionately passes this positivity on to others. As for his first name, that means “good.” It’s so good that we have you, Saleh.

Be the change. Welcome to SMA.