“You’ve arrived,” when ideas find a home

Melissa and Tim both studied in Cologne. Melissa studied Media Technology and Tim Electrical Engineering. However, their paths crossed for the first time at SMA — where they each did an internship and then wrote their thesis. For both of them, it was the perfect transition from studying theory to putting it into practice.

Melissa has since been working as a software developer at SMA. Tim has found his calling in product management, and particularly appreciates the flexibility at SMA. As after he wrote his master’s thesis in Predevelopment, the plans he had for his future changed direction, product management instead of development. That was the right path for Tim.

Melissa’s and Tim’s clear message to students is — take the practical path. Ideally, where you are a part of the change you desire in this world. Where you can write a thesis that is really needed. For the change in the energy industry.

Be the change. Welcome to SMA.