Initiators driven by passion

It’s actually quite simple, green for solar power, red for electricity from the utility grid. Mandy came up with and developed the idea of an intuitively simple and understandable display for the self-consumption of solar power so that you always have an overview of the energy in your home, when solar power is purchased and energy costs can be saved.

So when the assistant to the vice president was asked whether she would like take part in the Innovation Kickbox pilot project, she immediately accepted. Asked. Done. Pitched. Successfully. Product Manager Andreas welcomes new ideas, such as Mandy’s. As change and innovation do not always have to come from Development and Product Management. And that is exactly what SMA promotes.

As platform manager, Andreas has implemented many ideas at SMA himself. With ennexOS, he and his colleagues created a platform for holistic, intelligent energy management. A major milestone for the energy of the future. Mandy’s intuitively simple system is a great addition to the product portfolio, and a perfect example that at SMA it counts what you do and not what is written on your business card. Just do it. And that is exactly what we want — to inspire initiators driven by passion like Mandy and Andreas.

Be the change. Welcome to SMA.