Milestones for the energy of the future

Production changes constantly: from manual work to automation. Milestones that need to be completed. As is the case with Lisa and Faruk, two quality managers who share a common goal of ensuring the best possible quality at SMA, which is continuously monitored and adjusted to meet market standards.

After completing her apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic at SMA, Lisa continued her training to qualify as a master industrial mechanic. As an industrial engineer with a major in mechanical engineering, Faruk knows exactly what matters. Corrective Action, Preventive Action, CAPA for short, is terminology these two specialists put in to practice so skillfully. Whenever it comes to corrective and preventive actions, fine-tuning is required to ensure the quality of our products.

A primary area of focus for them is process optimization. For example, the introduction of semi-automatic screwdriving technology through the use of vacuum bits and automatic screw feed. The technological advances our specialists have made in series production underpin the changes happening in the energy industry. It is a good feeling to know that Lisa and Faruk always find the best solution.

Be the change. Welcome to SMA.