Let brilliant minds do the work

Every day, Joanna experiences the change that makes her job at SMA so unique. The industrial engineer heads a team that is responsible for product management at the Residential & Commercial business unit at SMA. Here everything focuses on inverters for smaller PV systems up to 12 kW, as well as products and system solutions that are used worldwide and need to be managed. It’s all about identifying trends, enforcing regulations, producing road maps, simplifying installations, defining features and reducing system costs. In short: shaping technological change. And Joanna’s part of this.

Joanna and her team are the beating heart of the product portfolio. They are the driving force in being the first. The first in Japan when it comes to introducing inverters that withstand the harsh climate. The first in the U.S. with the introduction of transformerless inverters. The first in Germany with the introduction of a customer service process based on automated system monitoring. They make people’s lives sunnier, with the knowledge they’re also making a valuable contribution to others.

To Joanna, her job is more than a workplace. It is approaching life with a smile on your face. One in which every individual on her team is part of the big picture. This is why here is exactly where “I am the change” meets “We are the change.”

Be the change. Welcome to SMA.