Ambitious goals that make people happy

Anata knows she has done everything right when in the evening lights turn on in remote villages in Israel. Where before there was either no or limited access to electricity, it was too expensive or produced by a noisy generator — there is now solar power. Anata, who herself has Indian roots, is currently responsible for the Israeli market as a key account manager at SMA. Her projects bring change to life — in both little and big ways while always with the clear goal in sight of being a part of this change.

When she enters a room, Anata’s personality and determination shine through. Listening to her, you know right away that she means business. “I am the change” is the day-to-day reality for Anata. With a background as a bilingual secretary, she joined SMA as a sales assistant in 2011, studied for her MBA on the side, became a junior sales manager and then became a key account manager. She arrived at a company where her talent was recognized and encouraged — with targeted coaching, training courses and mentoring as part of SMA’s Talent Program.

Anata has ambitious goals, which perfectly fit the market needs in Israel, where the proportion of renewable energy generated is set to rise by 10 percent by 2020. Its targets like this that make her job so special, and they become tangible when solar power and storage systems are used to enable kibbutz residents to generate electricity in a more self-sufficient way, Palestinians to become more self-sufficient and schools to be supplied with electricity long term. When butter does not have to be beaten by hand in Israeli villages and children can do their homework in the evening. This is precisely when Anata’s plan for happiness takes shape. Her very personal contribution to change. The change that makes SMA so special as an employer. What could be better than being part of this?

Be the change. Welcome to SMA.