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1 MW Off-Grid PV system in afghanistan installed

Off-Grid PV system brings power to Bamyan
The SMA Sunny Island

One of the world's biggest off-grid PV systems has gone into operation in Afghanistan. The 1 MW solar project brings reliable and sustainable energy to 2 500 homes, businesses and government buildings in the Bamyan province.

So far, people in this area either relied on small diesel generators or demoestic solar panels for their electricity supply or they had no access to electricity at all. For the first time the Baymam Renewable Energy Programme brings an electrial system with cost-efficient electricity 24 hours a day to the province. The PV generator of the system is supplemented with a diesel generator and batteries for periods of poor weather.

The 118 SMA Sunny Island 5048 inverters control the off-grid system. 55 SMA Sunny Tripower inverters convert direct current produced by the photovoltaic panels into alterning current necessary for electrical appliances.

System Size
Installed PV Power: 1 MW
Diesel Generators: 3 x 275 kVA

System Information
Location: Province of Bamyan / Afghanistan
Operator: Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS)
Commissioning: January 2014

PV System Technology
118 x SMA Sunny Island 5048
55 x SMA Sunny Tripower 17000
4 x SMA Multicluster boxes
79 x SMA Sunny Island Chargers

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