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August 2013

Today, up to 99 % of the power genrated by PV power plants flows into the medium voltage grids all around the globe. read article

March 2013

Wherever electric current is generated in large power plants, reactive power is also needed. read article

February 2013

The quality of all system components and the inverter quality in particular play a crucial role for the longevity of large PV power plant projects. Only if inverters function reliably and safely[...] read article

December 2012

Investments in solar energy, especially PV power plants, bring the promise of outstanding prospects. Energy demand continues to rise in countries of the world's sunbelt. A situation further[...] read article

December 2012

SMA inverters function at temperatures of up to 50 °C at nominal power – and full energy yield – based on the innovative cooling concept OptiCool® and clever spatial design. read article