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Typical large-scale PV power plant with SMA system technology

In the segment of solar power plants SMA offers leading PV system-technology with highest capacity. PV projects including AC to DC-solutions and worldwide connections to the medium voltage grids as well as comprehensive project support and first-class service are optimally realized with SMA Sunny Central CP inverters and system technology from SMA.


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Realize your PV power plant project with first-class products and solutions from SMA. We look forward to working with you!

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Performance ²

Higher Yields for Utility-Scale PV

The optimized performance of the Sunny Central CP XT inverters and the SMA transformers is also durable and reliable even in harsh environmental conditions and extreme temperatures. A 10 percent higher maximum output in continuous operation at 25 degrees Celsius and an overload capacity of the transformer of 10 percent contribute towards the industry-leading performance of the megawatt solution.


Gateway to the megawatt era

More functions and higher power classes

All Sunny Central CP XT inverters are based on the proven CP platform and are now even more efficient, reliable and successful than before thanks to additional power classes and functions.

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All target values of the grid operator for reactive power or the displacement power factor are implemented in a matter of seconds.

A customized computer platform for optimal monitoring and control.

Fewer components in the field mean lower system costs with higher performance.

Optimized for temperatures up to 62 degrees Celsius and as low as -40 degrees Celsius.

The perfect connection to the grid

The ideal partner for all Sunny Central CP XT

The new Transformer Compact Station meets all requirements as a turnkey solution with a medium-voltage switching system and an amorphous transformer as well as considerably reduced short-circuit losses. Its considerably lighter and slimmer enclosure made of stainless steel leads to cost savings during transport and installation. All relevant markets are covered thanks to standardized transformers (IEC conform) and locally specified devices. And there are significantly shorter delivery times.

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Higher yields because of up to 16 % in transformer losses thanks to more efficient standard transformers. Accompanied by improved system costs due to significant cost reduction

Quick availability in all relevant markets covered with standardized transformers (IEC conform) and locally specified devices. In addition: significantly shorter delivery times.

Flexible system configuration allows  for the fitting power class from 500 kVA to 1800 kVA. Flexible system design is possible with one or two Sunny Central CP XT per TCS.

SMA inverters already supply leading and lagging reactive power at any time during regular feed-in operation. However, with the development of Q at Night, they can now provide reactive power even when feed-in operation is not in progress – for example, at night.

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