SMA. Your partner for integrated PV systems

As the technology leader, SMA offers the right system solution for PV plants in every power class.

In addition, we offer extensive services that go far beyond our comprehensive range of products. We support you from the start in the planning and commissioning phases for your PV plant, offer an extensive range of services that safeguard the operation of your PV plant during the entire life cycle, and provide you with additional services such as the SMA Solar Academy and the SMA Partner Program.

Medium Power Solutions

Solutions for residential and commercial PV plants

Operators of small and medium-sized PV plants can turn to SMA Medium Power Solutions for a full range of support services. From residential systems to commercial PV plants with power capacities in the hundreds of kWp.

In addition to highly efficient inverters for private and commercial PV plants, we offer a wide array of additional services such as monitoring solutions, our SMA Service Line and the SMA Bonus Program.

Solar power professionals, plant operators and end customers can rely on all-inclusive service from SMA Medium Power Solutions.

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Power Plant Solutions

Technology for the power plant class

The right products for PV power plants of all types and sizes:
SMA central inverters meet the needs of grid operators all over the world.
When paired with SMA's sophisticated system technology, these inverters guarantee maximum yields at low costs.

This efficiency is also offered by compatible products available from SMA as components for medium-voltage power plants. Comprehensive grid management functions and special features guarantee maximum yields for profitable investment.

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Hybrid Energy Solutions

System Manager for all types of energy generators

From the planning phase to installation and commissioning: perfectly integrated
products optimize self-sufficient energy supply for all power classes from 1 to 300 kilowatts.

From the sun, wind or water – Sunny Island handles all load, energy and battery management tasks, ensuring dependable operation at all times.
The best part: thanks to the modular system technology, if energy demand increases, the stand-alone grid simply grows along with it.

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