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Web-Based Training "Industrial Hybrid Energy Solutions"

Imagine you work for a big mining company in Australia and are responsible for a new project. Your task is to find out how integrating a photovoltaic (PV) plant into your mine’s energy supply will affect your running costs.
You start by gathering information and end up with a concrete working concept of a hybrid solution for your mine’s energy supply. On your way, you learn the basics of PV as well as the key aspects and benefits of hybrid solutions.

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Target group:

Installers, Renewables professionals, EPC contractors, people who registered for one of the face-to-face trainings on “Industrial Hybrid Energy Systems”


Basic knowledge of photovoltaics, PC with internet connection (latest version of Internet Explorer or Firefox)


  • Requirements for implementing Industrial Hybrid Energy Solutions
  • Advantages of Industrial Hybrid Energy Solutions
  • Definition of the “PV Penetration Level”
  • Components and operation mode of the Fuel Save Controller
  • “Hybrid-ready” PV inverters from SMA
  • (De-)Centralized solutions for PV plants