SMA Developer acts as a central repository for documentation on the interfaces used in SMA products. With the documentation published here, SMA primarily uses open and standardized interfaces for the easy system integration of SMA products in a wide range of PV applications.

In this way, SMA provides you with easy, user-friendly access to our products without the need for an additional personal non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Many of the documents can be downloaded immediately, although a few require you to register beforehand (this only takes a short time).

SMA Is Opening Its Doors to Third-Party Suppliers

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Areas of application

Connecting SMA inverters
With the information offered here, we are emphasizing the use of standards as a way of minimizing the time and effort involved in integration. The first major step here has already been made with the implementation of a direct SMA Modbus® interface and SunSpec®-Modbus® interface in the inverter. This means that no additional components are needed for directly accessing the data on our devices. This is an important step toward cutting system costs for you and your customers.

SMA Modbus
SMA Cluster Controller



Connection via a higher-level communication device
To enable the central monitoring and control of string inverters, SMA inverters can also be connected via a standardized SMA Modbus® interface and higher-level communication device.

With these solutions, SMA is offering—among other things—a universal monitoring solution, a solution for direct energy marketing and an interface for active and reactive power setpoints.

A great solution for connecting to the energy management system
SMA also already offers an energy management solution. Until this segment becomes more standardized, you can now already use the full functionality of the existing SEMP (Simple Energy Management Protocol) protocol interface in Sunny Home Manager.

SEMP (Simple Energy Management Protocol)


Here you can download all freely available downloads:

Freely available downloads

SMA Modbus® protocol interface (Ethernet + WLAN)
- for Inverter (direct)
- for SMA Cluster Controller
- for Sunny WebBox

SMA Data1 – software library (RS485)

Register now to download the following documentation (for which you have to agree to the terms of use):

SEMP Protocol-Interface

Counter Protocol Interface
- Source code example for integration of SMA Energy Meter

With Speedwire Device Discover, devices in the local network can be detected.
- for all SMA Speedwire or SMA Speedwire/Webconnect devices

Service & Support for SMA Developer

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