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September 2014

What are the determining arguments when deciding on a PV power plant concept? The rule that large and very large PV power plants operate better with central inverters and that smaller power plants[...] read article

September 2014

Typically, PV power plants are spread out over several acres of land far from residences, towns or cities. Up until now, central inverter manufacturers have not had to deal with noise emissions from[...] read article

October 2013

Since July 1, 2010, the self-consumption of solar energy has become an attractive proposition for commercial consumers as well. Yet what level of self-consumption can be achieved in a commercial[...] read article

August 2013

Today, up to 99 % of the power genrated by PV power plants flows into the medium voltage grids all around the globe. read article

March 2013

Wherever electric current is generated in large power plants, reactive power is also needed. read article