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At which stock exchange are the shares of SMA Solar Technology AG listed?

SMA Solar Technology AG shares are listed on the regulated market of Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

What is the WKN/ISIN?

The ISIN of SMA shares is DE000A0DJ6J9, the WKN is A0DJ6J and the stock exchange abbreviation is S92.

What was the IPO date of SMA Solar Technology AG?

SMA was first listed at Frankfurt Stock Exchange on June 27, 2008.

What banks formed the syndicate?

The syndicate consisted of Citi and Deutsche Bank as Joint Global Coordinators and Joint Bookrunners as well as Commerzbank and LBBW as Co-Lead Managers.

What banks are SMA’s Designated Sponsors?

Close Brothers Seydler acts as Designated Sponsor for SMA shares traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

In which segment are SMA shares listed?

The SMA share is listed in the sub-segment „Prime Standard“ of the regulated market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Prime Standard is the segment of highest transparency standards.
In Prime Standard, financial reports must be provided in German and English language in order to meet information requirements of international investors.

The transparency demands on issuers in Prime Standard go far beyond the level of the General Standard. Additional obligations are the publication of quarterly financial reports and the publication of a financial calendar on the Internet. Furthermore, Prime Standard commits to organize at least one analyst conference a year.

Admission to the Prime Standard is a basic requirement for being included in indices such as DAX, MDAX, TecDAX or SDAX.

What is the amount of SMA Solar Technoloyg AG’s share capital?

The share capital of the Company amounts to €34.7 million.

How many shares have been placed with the IPO?

7.7 million shares have been placed after full exercise of the greenshoe option.

What was the issuing volume?

The transaction volume including greenshoe amounted to €361.9 million.

When does the lock-up period for Selling Shareholders end?

Lock-up period for Selling Shareholders ended on December 26, 2008, six months after the date of admission of the shares of SMA to trading on the stock exchange.

What net issue proceeds were achieved as a result of the IPO?

As a result of the IPO on June 27, 2008, gross issue proceeds of €126,900,000 were achieved. Following deduction of the issue costs of €7,100,000 and in line with the associated income tax benefit of € 2,100,000, this resulted in net issue proceeds of €121,900,000 in accordance with IAS 32.35.

What was the stock issue price?

The placement price was set at €47.00 per share on June 26, 2008.

What will be the use of issue proceeds?

The IPO represented an important milestone in the development of SMA Solar Technology AG and marked the beginning of the next growth stage.

The issue proceeds resulting from the IPO are intended to strenghten the equity capital basis of SMA. In addition, portions of the funds realized in the initial public offering are supposed to be used for further internationalization and the expansion of the development capacities.

What is the dividend policy?

SMA attaches great importance to a balanced dividend policy. By setting a target dividend payout ratio of between 20 % and 40 %, we want to ensure that the SMA Group has enough funds both for future growth and to see it through temporary crises while securing a fair share of the profits for our shareholders.

When and where will the next ordinary Annual General Meeting take place?

The next Annual General meeting takes place on Tuesday, May, 23 2013 at Kongress Palais Kassel

Does SMA participate in the anti-dumping action against Chinese manufacturers?

We don’t participate in the anti-dumping claim of EU ProSun against Chinese manufacturer. However, because of SMA‘s strong international presence, we appreciate the strengthening of a fair and barrier-free trade business in the long run. What matters in the end is to bring photovoltaics to competitiveness at the soonest and to realize manadatory cost reduction by innovative products and technology.