Maximize energy yields

With the SMA Power+ Solution, we have combined efficient SMA inverter technology and intelligent module optimization in one cost-effective, comprehensive package. This means that you can achieve maximum solar power yields for your customers and also benefit from extremely low installation outlay—even in partial shading or with a complex roof structure.

  • Maximum yields even in partial shading or with different module alignments.
  • Reduced system costs thanks to targeted use of DC optimizers.
  • Fast installation thanks to unique plug and play concept.
  • Everything at a glance with the industry-leading monitoring portal.
  • Optimally secured by SMA Service and SMA Smart Connected.


  • PV inverter
    The Sunny Boy with integrated service offers ease and comfort for solar power generation.

  • Smart Module Technology
    The module optimizers ensure a targeted boost in yields.

  • Monitoring
    Sunny Portal enables detailed monitoring at the module level.

Save Time and Money

Different module alignments and various types of shading influence the PV system’s energy yield. With the innovative TS4-R platform, for the first time, every single PV module can now be flexibly equipped with an additional function. For partially shaded systems, only the affected modules are equipped with the optimization function as, in most cases, no more than 20% of the modules are shaded. With TS4-R, customers pay just for the function that they actually require.

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How it works

Highly Flexible Design

The Sunny Boy 3.0–5.0 impresses with a particularly wide input voltage range, making it perfectly suited for more complex system structures. Thanks to the integrated SMA Smart Connected service, the inverter offers ease and comfort for installers and PV system operators. Automatic inverter monitoring analyzes the operation of the system, informing you as soon as it detects an irregularity so that you can quickly take action at the customer’s premises.

  • Quick to install thanks to its extremely lightweight construction
  • Easy commissioning via plug and play
  • Save time and costs with SMA Smart Connected

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SMA monitoring solution Sunny Portal

Everything at a glance at all times

Whether you are on the move or at work—with the SMA Sunny Portal monitoring solution, you can keep constant track of your installed system.

  • Easily monitor and obtain an overview of the entire system: module, inverter and storage data.
  • You can also monitor several PV systems at the same time and quickly detect faults with the Sunny Portal Professional Package.
  • React quickly in the event of irregularities and rectify them on the customer’s premises.
  • Industry-leading portal with over 250,000 PV systems.

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Download our SMA Power+ Solution brochure here

Download our SMA Power+
Solution brochure here.
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Read interesting blog posts
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