The future belongs to renewable energies. As a leading manufacturer of solar inverters, we have a remarkably clear vision for this future: an energy supply that is decentralized and comes entirely from renewable sources. And we firmly believe that the only way this will happen is by getting as many people as possible enthusiastic about renewable energies. To show people just how exciting stories about innovations, technologies, and inventors at SMA can be, we have decided to publish our SMA Magazine twice a year.


Viewed objectively, 30 years might not seem like a long time, but they mean a great deal to a young industry like the photovoltaic market. Founded in 1981, SMA has grown from a small German engineering firm for control systems into a worldwide market and technology leader in PV inverters, with foreign subsidiaries in 19 countries on four continents. It surely would not have gone so successfully if one thing had been missing: Energy that changes. That is what this anniversary issue is all about.


Profitable growth is crucial to securing the future of any business. No one would seriously disagree with that. But what are the prerequisites to longterm success? Most of the thinking about this ignores a key factor – every company is unique. That is why our answer may not work for other companies. However it does reveal one of the qualities that make SMA unique, and the theme of this issue – flexibility.


We focus on a topic that is becoming more and more important to the future of our energy supply – generating electricity in remote regions with off-grid systems that use renewable energy sources. Stand-alone grids are suitable for use at locations where it is not economically viable to have a connection to the power distribution grid. Our new training center, the SMA Solar Academy, is equipped with such an off-grid system. This is a project with the goal to show interested visitors from all over the world that a stand-alone energy supply can operate smoothly, even under extremely demanding commercial conditions.



The second issue of the SMA Magazine focuses on the subject of technological leadership. Our goal was to present the topic in such a vivid and exciting way that readers get a clear idea of what this abstract term really means. First, it is about technical innovation, engineering skill, and complex expert knowledge but there is a range of other aspects that perhaps do not immediately come to mind. For example, quality or where we get ideas for our new products. In this issue, you will find answers that are representative of SMA and its employees.



Our solar inverters, the heart of every photovoltaic system, contribute significantly to the reduction of CO2 emissions. By building the largest CO2-neutral inverter factory on the planet, we have taken a giant step forward for climate protection. And we are showing that state-of-the-art, CO2-neutral production is presently possible even on a very high technical level. Our goal with the “Solar Factory 1” is to set a new trend and inspire others around the world to emulate our energy concept.