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Corporate Social Responsibility
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Corporate Social Responsibility at SMA

Assuming social and ecological responsibility is the foundation of our business model. It has been an important part of our corporate culture since the beginning of SMA. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is understood by SMA to mean the combination of long-term economic success with protecting the environment and social responsibility.

The central tenets of the CSR strategy pursued by SMA are: the protection of the environment and climate, active participation in social and cultural projects, and our employees. This concept is continuously being developed and adapted to meet new challenges as they arise.


We develop and market products that help protect the climate. But our contribution to protecting both environment and climate begins already within the four walls of the company.

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Corporate Citizenship

As a successful company, we conduct our business right in the middle of society. We are aware of our responsibility in this respect, and therefore actively contribute to a whole variety of projects.

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SMA believes that motivated employees are a key factor for entrepreneurial success. Therefore, it is very important to us to be perceived as an attractive employer.

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Values and Principles

We base our actions on clearly defined values and standards. They determine the way in which we work to achieve our goals.

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